Consciences and Paying for Health Insurance


July 2, 2012 by Daniel Stack

There’s been some debate of late about the Catholic Church’s right to deny paying for insurance that funds something they view as morally objectionable.

I’ve been thinking about that a bit and to be honest it seems a bit intellectually dishonest. They already pay for things they find morally objectionable. Employees of Catholic universities, charities, hospitals, schools, etc. all get paid. I’m pretty certain that some of those people who get paychecks from such institutions have used that money on pornography, birth control, abortions, prostitutes, donations to the Democratic party, etc. 

Now one could argue that the church isn’t being asked to directly fund such things, but truth be told that is the case for when they pay for insurance. No one is forcing an employee of a Catholic institution to get an abortion, go on the pill, etc. EIther way, whether through insurance or paychecks they are funding things they find sinful. It seems rather they wish to make it difficult to allow their employees to engage in what they consider to be sinful acts. While they might be considered commendable it seems rather they are attempting to lessen the possibility of making a choice. There really isn’t anything commendable in abstaining from a behavior which is impossible for you to engage in. 

One thought on “Consciences and Paying for Health Insurance

  1. Christians are constantly confronted with sin and eval. We are weak and make mistakes in our choices. The Church is there to help us but it to is not perfect. God is perfect.

    Government of men is also weak, sinful and can be eval. The choice here is not about insurance, but about the role of government.

    The Constitution and our founders are clear: Government must be limited. Man has personal freedom and therefore personal responsibility. A worker is worth his wage. But how he is paid is an agreement between individuals. Government must stay out of the process, unless there is a breach of agreement. That is a free market.

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