Letter I Sent To Congressman Jim McGovern On Health Care Reform


January 26, 2010 by D Stack

I sent the following letter to to my Congressman, Jim McGovern (3rd Massachusetts) today. As I indicated in my previous post, there may be a need to break health care reform into pieces. However, it may still be possible to pass some version of the bills currently up for debate. As one can imagine that Republicans will be running against the bills passed by the House and Senate in any case, the best option may very well be to continue on the path of one or both of these.

Congressman McGovern –

I’m writing to you to inquire what your plans are for pushing health care reform in the aftermath of the Democratic party’s loss of a supermajority in the Senate.

While the results are disappointing, I believe it is still vital to pass health care reform. Massachusetts enjoys a rate of over 97% of its residents insured but the rest of the nation does not enjoy this success. And 97% is still less than 100%. I see my parents in Connecticut and other family members and friends  throughout the nation worried about how they will handle ever-rising even medical costs – if they are even able to obtain insurance. And even here in Massachusetts we must be vigilant over the increasing cost of health care.

I realize that there is an opinion that states the message to take from last week’s special election results are a message to slow down and a rejection of health care reform. I do not believe that is a correct analysis. The Democrats acquired a majority in Congress and won the White House on promises of change and reform. But the process of making law is not a pretty one and I believe that many were turned off by witnessing the law-making process, something that is often ignored.

I also believe that whether health care reform is passed or not, the Republicans will run against it this November. Given that, I believe it would be better to be defending a passed law than a failed bill.

While I believe the House’s version of health care reform was superior to the Senate version, if there is no other way to proceed I would far prefer that the Senate version be passed by the House than no version (possibly with reconciliation used by the Senate to modify it after passage).

Thank you for your service to the 3rd District.


Daniel Stack

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One thought on “Letter I Sent To Congressman Jim McGovern On Health Care Reform

  1. Don says:

    As your first reaser I’d like to say you speak for a minority in District 3 as most of my freinds and neigbors from district 3 strongly appose this bill, thanks Don

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