The Obama Presidency Put in Context

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December 22, 2009 by D Stack

Former religious right-winger turned progressive writer Frank Schaeffer made an interesting posting on his blog today entitled Obama Will Triumph ā€” So Will America. He puts into context just what President Obama has faced: a pair of wars, the worst economy since the Great Depression, an opposition party who absolutely hates him to the point of suggesting people pray for his death, education and health care systems in free fall, and a host of other issues. He’s earned the scorn of the far-left for not immediately achieving huge goals.

In context, Schaeffer points out how Obama has banned torture, restored America to the world community, has pushed a health care program that seven previous presidents have tried and failed to implement, and many other achievements.

It’s a refreshing article. It reminds me on the health care side we can too often put the perfect as an obstacle to the good. And it served as a nice reminder just how bad things were — most economists agree that while the economy isn’t great right now, the free-fall was aborted.

On a personal level, I was shocked and appalled at the violations of civil liberties that took place under the previous administration. While I actually believe they had the best of intentions, I firmly believe our system works and to turn away from it is to give terrorists a far greater victory than any they might achieve in an act of murder. And I’m very disappointed with the opposition President Obama faces. Don’t misunderstand me in saying I deny the legitimacy of opposing viewpoints. For instance, I have libertarian friends who can make a very coherent argument — one I disagree with, but one which is at least grounded and consistent. But going around with pictures of your president as Hitler? And yes, there were those on the left who did that in the Bush presidency. But at least there were not Democratic members of Congress at such rallies giving legitimacy to such deranged arguments. But Representatives such as Michele Bachmann have appeared before such crowds, implicitly granting their support to such movements.

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