Joe Lieberman == Lucy Holding the Football for Charlie Brown?

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December 14, 2009 by D Stack

Joe Lieberman, Independent from Connecticut, is threatening to filibuster the health care debate in the senate if a Medicare buy-in is permitted to people ages 55 and up.

The Huffington Post pointed out today that this conflicts with previous statements he’d made in support of making Medicare an option at age 55. Even this video from three months ago shows him supporting that.

I’m glad I don’t live in Connecticut anymore. Even as recent as 2006 I’d probably have voted for him and been giving myself massive kicks in the rear as a result. I’m not sure what his game is at this point. The Huffington Post speculates he might be mad that Democrats didn’t support him after he lost a primary challenge in 2006 to Ned Lamont and had to run as an independent. That may be the case, but if so, it seems incredibly petty. And I use incredibly in the sense of Webster’s dictionary definition of incredible: “too extraordinary and improbable to be believed”. Health care in our country is a major issue. Most people, even those against the Democratic agenda for changing it, realize the system as-is has lots of problems. But we seem to have reached the point that Senator Lieberman isn’t even taking the issue seriously.

People are unemployed and without insurance. Or employed without insurance. People are being kicked off their plans for developing life-threatening illnesses on the flimsiest of pretenses. People, to put it bluntly, are dying. Real people with real names and real families are dying when they can be saved. And Senator Lieberman can’t even be bothered to have a semi-coherent opposition to the plans being debated. I disagree with the Libertarian free-market position on health care, but at least it is a position. Senator Lieberman’s position seems to be to yank the metaphorical football, presumably for own entertainment. Perhaps he should grow up.

(And a sure sign that I’m a software engineer is my use of the “==” at the beginning of my post instead of “=”…)

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